Corporate Video

Many UPVA members offer video production services for businesses. Some of these services include:

. Training Videos
. Safety Training
. Awards Banquets
. Retirement Tributes
. Corporate Event Coverage
. Marketing Videos
. Promotional Videos

Each of these types could include many services such as:

corp1.jpg. Script Writing
. Props
. Set Decoration
. Wardrobe
. Make-up
. Talent
. Sound Stage
. Editing
. Special Effects
. Graphic Design and Titling
. Licensed Music
. Legal Clearances for all Production Assets

Why Choose a UPVA Videographer?

True professionals in any field recognize the importance of continuing education and certification. UPVA both provides training and certification in camera operation and video editing. Video styles and techniques are constantly changing, and the digital revolution has radically changed the face of modern video production.

UPVA is at the forefront of demonstrating current trends in videography – both on the production side and on the technical side. UPVA members are better prepared to keep up with these changes and provide the best possible production for your organization


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