Monthly Archives: March 2011

UPVA March Meeting

Topics: Efficient workflows with Temple and Couples Story Shoots

Presenters: Davey Orgill, Kale Fitch

This meeting will go over:

Pointe Digital will present on how to efficiently shoot Temple videos: time management at the temple, working with the photographer and how to shoot for the edit.

Kale Fitch Productions will present on Couples Story Videos: how to interact with the couples to get the most effective shots, efficient workflows in the field (and post) for interviews and time management on a shoot.

Also bring in some peer reviews if you have them!¬† See you there…

Wednesday March 2nd 6:30
Sons Of Utah Pioneers Building
3301 E. 2920 S.
Salt Lake City, UT

Come early for the Board Organization Meeting:

Davey Orgill is our new president, but we still need to choose other 2011 board positions for Membership, Public Relations, Finance, Secretary, Webmaster, Awards and Recognition, and Vice President (President elect). So if you’re interested, in any of the positions of just want to help out with anything at all please come to this special board meeting at 5:30, 1 hour early before our regular UPVA meeting