Monthly Archives: January 2011

Feb UPVA Meeting this Wednesday.

Topics: Efficiency & Accounting
Presented by Mike Nelson

This meeting will also go over:
When to buy equipment, Vendor Manufacturing Cycles, What manufacturers don’t tell you about purchasing new equipment, Taxes, Savings, Retirement, How to finance your vehicle, Pricing your product, and how to stay in business – let’s all get some knowledge from Mike who has been doing this since 1982.

Wednesday Feb 2nd 6:30
Sons Of Utah Pioneers Building
2201 E. 2920 S.
Salt Lake City, UT

UPDATE: Our board organization meeting will be happening next month. Come early @ 5:30 on March 2 for a Special Volunteer Board Organization Meeting

Davey Orgill is our new president, but we still need to choose other 2011 board positions for Membership, Public Relations, Finance, Secretary, Webmaster, Awards and Recognition, and Vice President (President elect). So if you’re interested, in any of the positions of just want to help out with anything at all please come to this special board meeting at 5:30 on March 2, 1 hour early before our regular UPVA meeting

UPVA Meeting Wednesday Jan 5th @ Noah’s (Have Your CEA entries ready!)

This Wednesday UPVA will be meeting at Noah’s in South Jordan for Grow Your Business Seminar. It should be a very helpful event, as we all gear up another new year.

You will need to Pre-register online here:

Noah’s South Jordan
322 West 11000 South
South Jordan, UT 84095

Wednesday January 5th
Hors D’Oeuvres from 6:30 – 7:00
Training from 7:00 – 9:00

More information at TheBrideAndGroom Vendors Facebook Page here:
Special Thanks to Brian Barney and for putting this event on.

Also, don’t forget! Your UPVA CEA competition entries are also due this Wednesday, (We will collect them at the event as well as by mail) We look forward to everyone participating this year, there is so much great talent here in Utah.

Link to entry forms:

And one final note. If you are interested in helping out in UPVA this year, We will be holding a special 2011 Board Organization Meeting next month Feb 2nd @ 5:30, Where we will be electing and organizing the new Board for 2011. Thanks everyone for your help and support.