Monthly Archives: September 2008

October UPVA Meeting This Wednesday

This Wednesday
at our monthly UPVA Meeting we will be holding our annual Editing Challenge. During the last few months, our members have received the same exact Bridal Footage from Remember When Films, and we have be given the challenge to come with creative and new ways to edit the footage, using any style and music we want.  (3 minute limit on edits) It is great way to stretch our creative muscles and come up with new ideas, and is always one of our more fun meetings.  Please join us this Wednesday Oct 1st @ 6:30pm as we present and discuss what our members have come up with.  Visitors are always welcome     (first meeting visit is free )

Art Institute of Utah 121 W. Election Rd. Draper UT

Members: If you are still interested in participating. (only a day or two to go) Please contact Tiffany at Remember When Films to arrange to get the footage right away. 278-4322

September UPVA Meeting Tomorrow

Just a reminder about tomorrows UPVA meeting.
September 3rd @ 6:30 at the Draper Art Institute.

We will be viewing our members recent International WEVA award winning videos, recapping the WEVA Expo 2008, etc.
It should be a great meeting!

Art Institute Address: (121 W. Election Rd. Draper UT)

Thanks again, to our great presenters from last months meeting.