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Next Meeting February 6

microphone.gifWith the change of date for the banquet we’ll be coninueing on to the next lesson on the MPV Course Syllabus. Next up is….

Technical Audio:Sound Pickup (Chapter 9)

  • How Microphones hear
  • How Microphones Work

Then we’ll see(or hear) a Wireless Microphone Comparisons and some tips and tricks.

Also that night there will be a presentation on photo montages that “Uncle Bob” can’t do!


The Art Institute of Salt Lake City

121 W Election Road
Draper, UT 84020

Time: 6:30pm as usual, Committees and Board arrive at 6:00pm

New 2008 UPVA Board

Last night we voted in the new 2008 UPVA Board of Directors.

UPVA President : Shay Bingham – STC Productions
UPVA President Elect : Spencer Hale – Giant Brothers Films
UPVA Past President : David Perry – David Perry Films

Secretary :
David Hurst – Lifetime Productions

Finance :
Tiffany Nelson – Remember When Films

Membership Committee Co-Chairs :
Ken & Linda Sorensen – Lifelong Memories Films

Public Relations Committee Chair :
Dathan Hight – Simply Video Productions

Awards and Recognition Committee Chair :
Mike Nelson – Remember When Films